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Challenges FAQ


We’re a fitness loving bunch here are Fox Studio and Ali Fox Transformations and love nothing more than helping our clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Our team of health-loving trainers have set up challenges over 4, 8 and 12 weeks that will supercharge your fitness and get you feeling foxy in no time at all.

What to know more about our transformation challenges? Here’s the lowdown on everything you may need to know.

Ali Fox’s programmes seek to cater for all of these personal objectives and employ plans for exercise, nutrition, and mental aspects – with a specialisation in helping recent mothers regain or surpass their pre-pregnancy body-forms and fitness.

Our goals include:

  • Improve your fitness through Fox Fun exercise and challenges.

  • Provide personal and group motivation to meet your goals.

  • Provide Sports Nutrition support to guide your dietary needs.

What’s different about your programs?

The programmes are formulated to help you transform both your anatomical and physiological well-being in an optional competitive environment in ways you may have only dreamed possible.

  • Anatomical: These changes are targeted to retain the desired muscle mass while losing unwanted body fat; however, there may also be participants who are just seeking increased fitness and improved muscle mass.
  • Physiological: An essential part of the programme is to use a variety of exercises to increase your cardiovascular fitness and so to speed your anatomical transformation.

Can I take part in a Turbulence Training Challenge?

Each participant has the option to enter the worldwide 12-week competitive Turbulence Training (TT) challenges run by Craig Ballantyne. The internationally-recognized TT programme has formed a solid base for the Ali Fox 12-week Challenges and her associated personal-remodelling programmes that have become a regular feature of Ali Fox activities for both men and women.

Who takes part in your challenges?

We cater for all ages and welcome women and men in all of our classes and session.

Mothers with young children are especially welcome and catered for, and our trainers are on hand to help mums manage their lives to incorporate exercise and nutritional guides to improve their quality of life.

How can I measure my results?

The success of your progress in achieving your transformation is assessed both quantitatively and qualitatively.

For quantitative assessments, your weight and key measurements are recorded at the beginning and end of the 12-week programme. Positive changes in these anatomical metrics should clearly be reflected, albeit qualitatively, in your appearance; before and after photos are recorded for each of the participants.

What activities would I do at your challenges?

To cater for the various needs and time commitments of the participants, a variety of options are available when registering for one of our challenges.

Participants have a wide range of capabilities; however, all are included in a variety of classes that include Boxing, Cardio, Body-Weight sessions, and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). We offer exciting workout challenges, team competitions, high-energy coaching and opportunities for your constant improvement and education.

The completion of each 12-week transformation involves a celebratory graduation party with a range of awards and prizes to recognise achievements during the programme.

How do I stay in touch with my trainer to keep me motivated?

As well as support during your training sessions, participants will have 24/7 support with our private Facebook forum where you can:

  • Share motivation
  • Tips
  • Achievements
  • Post workouts
  • Chat with Ali and the Foxy trainers from Fox Studio

What should I eat during my transformation?

Apart from increased activity, most participants also need to review their nutritional programme to speed the progress towards their desired transformation. Our trainers are equipped with the knowledge to provide comprehensive nutritional advice and can also offer a variety of key nutritional Isagenix products.

Ok, I’m ready to start – where do I work out?

Awesome! Measurements and weigh-ins are conducted at the Fox Studio our fitness HQ in Redcliffe.

Regular sessions are held at Suttons Beach: on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Additional work-out opportunities are available at the Fox Studio should you have the drive to get even foxier!