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Garth Kewley

Garth, or G-Fox as his clients call him, epitomises his own life motto ‘train hard and expect success’.

By day, G-Fox is a successful real estate agent for Crown Properties in Redcliffe. By night, he actively transforms lives at Fox Studio through his epic fitness training and boot camp sessions.

As co-founder and Head Coach at Fox Studio Bootcamp, Garth and his wife Ali have the perfect partnership. Juggling a full-time career as a real estate agent, two children under five-years-old and their joint business requires organisation, skill and a commitment to teamwork. G-Fox and Ali have this in spades and are dedicated to improving the health and fitness of all of the amazing clients who walk through the doors of Fox Studio.

In awe of his wife’s passion for health and fitness, Garth became a certified personal trainer and unequivocally supports her vision to change lives through exercise and nutrition. The ultimate fitness team, Ali carries out the morning training sessions while in the evenings Garth takes over the reins at Fox Studio and adds his own twist of training expertise to the evening boot camp sessions.

Garth has been on his own health and fitness transformation journey and took first place in the Turbulence Training Worldwide Contest not only winning the worldwide title but also the valuable personal experience required to instil his clients with a sense of trust that his techniques and methods work.

The support that Garth has given to Ali through every step of the Ali Fox Transformations journey has been phenomenal, as she works full time and creates a successful transformation business, Garth encourages her every step of the way.